Ability to export URLs for each meeting and exhibitor



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    Hi Joanna: 

    This is already possible today, with just a little bit of Excel magic. To create a list of URLs of all your exhibitors, for example:

    • Admin Dashboard > Organizations
    • Export
    • Take your event's url (e.g., "splendor-summit-2020.pathable.co") and add "/organizations/" and the "InternalID" that shows up in the Excel export, and you'll have the direct URL to the exhibitor's page.

    So, for example, if the "InternalID" were "DFWhtuhxvsWEXquLW", the URL would be


    You can have Excel create this for you by using the "concatenate" function. If the InternalID was in the AJ column in Excel, you would use this formula on Row 2 and then copy it down the rest of the rows:


    You can follow a similar strategy for meetings, using /meetings/virtual/ as the path root.

    Hope that helps!

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    Joanna Roberts

    This helps immensely, thank you!

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